First Week in Vietnam

So I left for Vietnam at around 11PM departing the Calgary Airport. Arrived in Vancouver, BC, at 12:00AM and then having to wait two hours for the next flight. During this break I called up some buddies in Vancouver and then took a quick nap. Next flight was to Hong Kong via Cathay Pacific. In-flight entertainment was spectacular and food was even better. Notable shows watched during the flight was Top Gear, The Apprentice, odd chinese dramas, and a Jackie Chan movie. This 14 hour flight was not for the faint of heart where as your legs screamed for circulation within 8 hours of the flight. Whilst in Hong Kong, the next flight was boarding in half an hour so not much time to dawdle. Next stop, Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. Not so much as glamorous compared to Hong Kong, but whatever, this wasn’t as bad as expected. Once in Ho Chi Minh, another flight was required to go to Hue, Vietnam. By this point I just wanted to go sleep on a comfortable bed. All these flights are dreadful.

Arriving in Hue, we picked up our luggage, and headed out the airport doors. There standing was my Uncle, Aunt, and a couple cousins. My uncle didn’t look too different from my dad, and had some similiar features to my other uncle back home. We started heading back to their village via van. Along the way I couldn’t believe how insane the traffic was. People walking, people biking, motorcycling, and driving all on the same road. No speed limit really, and no rules to the road. What made it even more compelling was the fact that collisions would rarely happen.

Went to bed on a wooden bed padded with some straw fabric. Oy vey.

The whole week consisted of many weddings and death day rememberances. This also meant great food to eat as well. Never had I ever tasted food so fresh, so well presented… and so damn lethal to the bowels. Coming over to Vietnam I was warned of contracting several diseases, one being hepititis. Hepititis is usually contracted via ingesting fecal matter of ones that are infected. Another worry of mine is indigestion. Eating things raw such as uncooked salads and meat, is a bad path to go along if you want to avoid indigestion. So far for me… I wouldn’t say my stool is exactly the same the way it was when living in Canada but a tad bit looser. There were days when I had to run to the bathroom, but nothing painful. I packed Imodium and Pepto Bismol so I should be fine for the month.

Doing activities in Vietnam is kinda like living in the 70’s-80’s in America. Old skool rollerskating (with disco), outdoor swimming, tennis were the main things I did with my cousins and their friends.

I enjoyed ice cream along the dock watching the sun go down, ate Vietnamese desserts whilst walking in Downtown. Hitching rides off locals… it was all good.

Anyways, hope to do more soon.

End Week 1


~ by nolz on March 20, 2007.

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