Ode to The Sushi Bento Box

The day has finally come for me to give credit, where credit is due. For me to finally inform everyone about the mystery and power behind one of the greatest commodities ever created…The Taka Sushi bento box. So close your eyes and take my hand, because you’re about to enter a whole new world full of fantasy and ecstasy, where only few have gone before. Do not attempt to eat your computer, even though your going to want too.

It all starts in a sushi palace called Hana Sushi (Calgary). This is the home of the sushi lunch box and where we hold our sushi gatherings, or as we like to call them “exclusive board meetings.” These board meetings could be called up to 2 or 3 times a week depending on everyone’s work schedule. Emergency board meetings are called when someone suddenly finds out they don’t have to be at work till later or are home from work early, making them mandatory for all able to attend.

The feast begins with a bowl of Miso Soup, or as I like to call it, “underwear changing soup,” because, well, it’s so good, you…ok you get it. Boulders of soft fermented Tofu and hand picked seaweed from only the finest oceans compliment the broth, which has the consistency of a 40 year old bottle of red.

Then comes the main course. When it arrives at the table, you instantly notice it’s elegance and start looking for Leonardo Da Vinci behind the kitchen doors, because it’s such a masterpiece.

Bento Box

The upper left corner is Beef Negima yaki which we all choose instead of chicken teriyaki, salmon teriyaki, and shrimp tempura. It’s beef wrapped in scallions, with a sweet, thick, brown sauce. As soon as you bite into it, the scallions shoot to the back of your throat like torpedoes, leaving you with a “oh my god, it feels like someone just fired a torpedo my mouth” look on your face. (I almost shot my friend in the face with a scallion torpedo once, true story.)

Adjacent to the Beef is a fresh salad with a delicious ginger dressing. The salad usually acts as the starting line for most veteran lunch box eaters, while rookies make the mistake of dominating it later in their L. Box expedition.

Underneath the salad is Dumplingville. You get the choice (and rightfully so) to have shumai(steamed) or gyoza (fried). It’s really a win-win situation with either choice, although I favor gyoza because of their perfect crunchiness and tasty sauce.

To the left of dumplingville is the main event. A piece of tuna, salmon, and shrimp sushi followed by (drumroll please) Tuna Paradise roll. I’m not making that name up, that’s what it’s called on the menu, Tuna Paradise. Just look at it… tuna, avocado, and tempura flakes on the inside, flooded by spicy tuna on the outside (hence the name paradise). I don’t know how I’m describing it right now because I’m always speechless after I eat it. However, this particular roll doesn’t come with the lunch box, California roll does. It has to be specifically ordered instead of the California roll which ups the price a couple bucks, but worth every, single, penny! Taka himself has to approve of this transaction, for not just anyone can have this substitution luxury. If you go in and ask for Tuna Paradise instead of California roll and are not accompanied by one of us, you’ll be laughed at, then thrown out.

Everyone has their own styles of eating a lunch box too. Some save the Tuna Paradise for last, while the undisciplined prefer the round robin style. I usually save the seaweed salad for last because it leaves a nice refreshing feeling in my mouth.

And to think it only costs $10.95 (that’s with Cali roll), $14.95 (with Tuna Paradise roll). Deal of the century! So next time you’re in Calgary and want to visit heaven, let me know because my fellow execs and I would love to put on a lunch box eating exhibition for you.


~ by nolz on April 24, 2007.

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